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Hatchimals – The Tamagotchi of the Millennials

Hatchimals – The Tamagotchi of the Millennials

The Hatchimal is a cute creature which hatches from an egg. It reminded me a bit of the Kinder Surprise – just much bigger, and admittedly – much m...
Best Smart Toys for Kids Aged 4-6

Best Smart Toys for Kids Aged 4-6

Looking for toys that would make your child smarter? Here’s a selection of the best toys that would not only keep your kids entertained but also st...
Best Birthday Party Ideas

Totochie's Best Birthday Party Ideas

If you are looking for kids birthday party ideas, or any kind of celebration party ideas you have come to the right site. Totochie has many kids bi...


My daughter loves the T-Shirt and backpack. It's high quality and quite unique.

Ben Ashcroft, Lexington, KY

We just love Totochie. He's so cute!

Amanda White, Greenville, NC

Finally a nice collection of smart toys for a fair price. We've bought here already twice.

Heather McGregor, Reno, NV