Hatchimals – The Tamagotchi of the Millennials

The Hatchimal is a cute creature which hatches from an egg. It reminded me a bit of the Kinder Surprise – just much bigger, and admittedly – much more fun. Is it the millennial Tamagotchi? One thing is for sure – it’s a blockbuster – and my kids LOVED it!

Once you open the packaging, you find an egg, and the Hatchimal ultimately hatches from it. It breaks through the shell by itself, which is a pretty exciting and special moment. Once it is hatched, it grows through three more phases, however, the hatching itself is unique – so enjoy it while it lasts.

Hatchimals are available exclusively at Target, Amazon and Walmart – probably easiest to order online from Amazon. Not cheap though – but you got something special for sure.


  • It is standalone – no app required
  • It can be reset to baby stage
  • Like a Tamagotchi – kids play a long time with it
  • Interactive – e.g. it can repeat your child’s name
  • Pretty sturdy


  • Expensive
  • Some kids might lose interest after a while


Product Details

HatchiBabies Chipadee are sold exclusively at Amazon
Hatchimals Mystery Eggs are for kids aged 5+ (although my 4 years old loved it)
Requires 2x AA batteries (included)
Little Cheat Sheet included (looks complicated in the beginning, but you’ll learn fast)
Manufacturer Website: http://www.hatchimals.com/en_us/kids/toys



There have been some cases where the Hatchimal does not complete the hatching process, however, you can manually finish it and get the Hatchimal out of the egg. In these cases, you can contact the manufacturer hotline Spin Master at 1-800-622-8339. They’re available Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm EST.

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