Totochie's Best Birthday Party Ideas

If you are looking for kids birthday party ideas, or any kind of celebration party ideas you have come to the right site. Totochie has many kids birthday party ideas you can choose from:

Pirate party:

This is one of kids favorite party idea. The pirate party fits perfect with Halloween but can also be a great idea for any kids birthday party. The concept is a lot of fun and has gained interest with the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Concept of the pirate party:

The kids will all have to dress up as pirates and the birthday child will be the captain of the ship. Decorate the dining room so it looks like a pirate ship.

The host, which is usually the parents, can dress up as well to give the kids a better feeling of entering a pirate ship.

Hide a treasure in the garden and draw a pirate looking map of the house and the garden with clues to where the treasure can be found.

Cowboys and Indians party:

Yee-Haw, cowboy/cowgirl party idea lets you invite all of your children's’ friends, and they will be talking about the cowboy party for a long time to come. Kids enjoy playing costume dress -up, and a cowboy party is the best way to do that with lots of fun ad laughs. All you need is some invitations with a “Wanted” sign on the cover, and cowboy hats for the girls and boys and do not forget very important are the revolvers, bandannas, ropes, and sheriff badges for the kids that are ahead in the games, these badges can be made by cutting cardboard boxes and covering with aluminium foil. Some cowboy party games are hide and seek game, shoot out games. Decoration ideas are fake cactus’, “Saloon” signs.

Fortune teller party:

Kids have long been fascinated by gypsies and their ability to foretell the future. For kids birthday fortuneteller party theme, it is good to know a little about the gypsy culture.

Design invitations or purchase some that have a gypsy theme. for example: Invitations that feature a fortune teller, stars & moon, or a crystal ball, will work perfectly.

As for costumes, females need to wear brightly colored skirts, layered if possible. White blouses with ruffles or blouses with elastic necklines that you can pull down over your shoulders.

Males will need to wear black pants and colorful shirts with ruffles. A pirate shirt will work as well. Brightly colored vests would also be appropriate. Male also need to wear a black leather string tie around their neck.

Male and female should wear lots of jewelry and medallions. Tie a scarf around their head and a red sash around their waist. Wear large, dangling earrings and many bracelets.

For the ambiance you’ll need to create an mystical, mysterious atmosphere for your fortune teller party. Gypsy music is a great way to start. Gipsy music is mostly based on the tradition of Romany music, with influences from Turkey, Hungary and the Middle Eastern countries.

You must add beaded curtains to the entrance of rooms where you setup a crystal ball and candles.

This party will seem to be lacking something if you do not add children games.

Children love to play games and you'll need to find some appropriate ones if you choose this type of children's party. There are numerous games you can choose to add, example: Tarot card readings, palmistry, numerology divination techniques, and a pendulum can also be used to answer yes/no/maybe.

Kids will get very excited about the idea of foretelling the future and of getting the mystical feeling when they are in the glass ball room.

Luau party:

Luau party is very popular with kids, especially during the warm summer months. You can plan an inexpensive Luau party, here are some tips:

For costumes you can buy or even make for the girls hula skirts, flower head and wrist bands, for boys Hawaiian shirts and flower necklaces. As a menu you can barbecue some meats, or even buy a Hawaiian pizza, cold tropical fruits and drinks are a favorites in those hot summer months. You can decorate your backyard with lanterns or the interior of your house with luau flower garlands.

Lego party:

Kids would love a Lego party, and a Lego party combined with some competition is a blast. You can buy a few Lego games if your kids do not have them already at home and group your kids friends in groups, have them compete on who finishes his Lego game first, you can buy Lego games with different themes. Also have prizes ready for the winner group. Prizes can be little party goody bags with match box cars for boys and little dolls for girls, also do not forget to get some small presents for the losing teams. Favorite menu for a Lego party would be a quick pizza, kids have no time to eat when they are competing to win, and  maybe you can cook a Lego teamed cake, or get cupcakes and put a Lego piece on the top!!!

Scavenger hunt party:

Scavenger hunt party is ideal for a kid’s birthday party. Start by splitting your childrens’ friends in groups, assign the groups a list of things to find around the house and/or the backyard, the best scavenger hunters are the groups that comeback with the most objects on the list. Your list should give out clues about the objects you have hidden around the house. Ideas for objects can be candy, toys or anything of your choice.

Pinata Party:

Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor kids birthday or party, the pinata party game would be the highlight of the party. You will need for the pinata game, a rope, something to hang the pinata with, a tree branch, or 2 adults holding the pinata. you will also need a stick hard enough to bust the piñata open and blindfolds for the participants. For the pinata filling, confetti, candy or even little toys. When pinata game time starts, line up your kids and their friends, smallest size kids first, then blindfolds each kid on his turn, spin the kid a couple of times, and then he/she is ready to hit the pinada. Allow two hits per kid before you move to the next child. To make it more fun, you can swing the pinata up or down to make the pinata game more fun!!!!

Little Mermaid kids birthday party:

You can host a Mermaid birthday party full of fun with under the sea party games, crafts, party supplies and more! The mermaid kids birthday party is all about decoration and party supplies.

Planning for the party will need 4-6 weeks.

Begin by creating party invitation.

  • Cut out paper in an ocean shape; starfish, crab, shell etc.
  • To add special sparkles, decorate the edges with glitter glue.
  • Wrap the invitation around a bottle of bubbles with a label

For the house decoration the idea is to create an under the sea experience remember that Disney Little Mermaid was all filmed under the sea.

  • Decorate the room with colors of aqua, blue and green.
  • The get a bigger feeling that you are underwater, hang green and blue streamers from the ceiling like sea weed.
  • Get a Bubble machine and run it at the entrance of the house.
  • Play the Disney Little Mermaid Soundtrack.
  • Make Paper fish out of cardboard or paper and hang them on different heights. A great activity for kids is to let them color a picture of a fish and let them hang their fish from the ceiling. When they are ready to go home, they can take their art work home.
  • For the cake try to get one of these three themes: Sea Shell cake, blue glass bowl with fish Cake, or Little Mermaid Cake.
  • Create Shell Napkin Rings for your Mermaid Party Table.
  • Get large giant Sea Shells and fill with pearl strands, beads and glitter confetti. Use as a picture prop for taking pictures or on a party table as decor. A glittery backdrop made of blue turquoise fabric will provide an instant ocean backdrop.


Oktober fest party:

Celebrate Fall and German Heritage with a fun Oktoberfest Party! Oktoberfest is the perfect party to sample various beers, listen to fun upbeat music and to enjoy good food with family and friends. This is also a great theme for Bachelor Parties, Male Birthdays and Sporting events as well.

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